Conservation Programs

Conservation is one of the main goals at the Idaho Falls Zoo. Collectively, American zoos are well positioned to reach millions of people each year with the unique opportunity to connect with nature, learn about conservation issues around the globe, and take action to make a difference for wildlife. AZA has tasked their membership to increase conservation funding to approximately 3% of their annual operating budget.

Quarters for Conservation: How Your Change Can Make a World of Change

What can you do to help protect snow leopards, penguins, wild birds in Gorongosa National Park and many other animals in the wild? How can you support education for children and adults in Asia and Africa to learn about the importance of conserving the delicate ecosystems in which they live?

Every time you visit the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park, you will be helping conservation initiatives throughout the world by participating in our Quarters for Conservation program through a portion of your admission or zoo membership fees. Your contribution is automatically added when you visit the zoo and you will receive a token. By placing the tokens in the conservation effort of your choice, you have a say in how your change will be used to make a change in our world.

Your change will also make a significant impact locally. Idaho Falls Zoo has partnered with Idaho Fish and Game and the Round River Conservation Studies to support the wolverine winter recreation research project. Fifty percent of everything collected through Quarters for Conservation will go directly to supporting our local conservation and environmental education programs.

In 2015, the first year of Idaho Falls Zoo’s Quarters for Conservation program, you contributed over $11,000 to local and global conservation programs just by your zoo visit. The program has now become a zoo standard and this coming year, we hope to double or even triple that amount.

Know that when you visit the Idaho Falls Zoo, you contribute to Quarters for Conservation and 100% of everything you donate will always go directly to support conservation initiatives. By working together, your change will make a world of change.